Be Still

Be Still


          “I’ve got this whole Christianity thing figured out” or at least that’s what I thought. However then I decided to make another rash decision, the human came out in me again. You see we come to church on Sunday and we put our self high and mighty. Like somehow were better then everyone else.  What we don’t realize is we get so settled into our routines and we get so used to what we do we forget why we do it. We may do every job imaginable in the church but when we fall in this routine we do the jobs half heartedly. I fell into this pit and it wasn’t a good place to be. I stopped growing closer to God because of it, I felt anything I did was unimportant. This caused me to just stop, I stopped everything I was doing. I felt empty at times after this and didn’t know what to. I felt God telling me something but what was he telling me, that’s when I decided just to quit everything. However the guilt became unbearable like conviction all over again. God had to use this to teach me a lesson, to teach me sometimes I’m calling you to stand still while you are busy wanting to run. I was so ready to do Gods work I thought I knew everything and I could just go run and be successful but the truth was if Gods not telling you to go you may feel successful for a little while but then you’ll fall. The reason you’ll fall is for two reasons. First off you’ll fall cause God wasn’t telling you to do it in the first place, second off you’ll fall cause sometimes God has to let you fall to teach you how bad it hurts once you hit the bottom. Once I finally learned this lesson I was able to breath again I just had to realize everything isn’t on my timing but in Gods. His timing is definitely better then mine!


Brandon Nuckles, Rosedale Baptist Church


“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalms 46:10


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